Each Octo "tentacle" project will deliver a unique but thematically connected media project:

  1. Online multi-media library (educational outreach) "Dancing Backwards: Let's Get Canada's Politcal Women into History!", brimming with student storytelling of women's contributions to Canada over the past century. www.dancingbackwards.ca
  2. A comedic and poignant webisode series entitled, Kaitlin Fontana: Lady Politician (starring, you guessed it, Kaitlin Fontana
  3. "DWtO Live" An enegetic live presentation with Sandy, her stories and film clips about women, politics and leadership. Please contact us to book a speaking engagement at your school or association/business meeting. Contact dancingwiththeoctopus@gmail.com
  4. A non-partisan entertaining documentary that opens up a conversation about women and politics, featuring the intimate thoughts and experiences of some of those women, examines the obstacles they face, discusses the contstraining partriarchal system that grips the culture and suggests what's needed to make change 
  5. "Speak Out" - our collection of articles written specifically for DWtO
  6. Our Monthly Newsletter
  7. Video contests encouraging outreach and encouraging young people to create media that matters
  8. Social media as outreach and conversation creator